Friday, July 20, 2012

How to get rid of that annoying wrench icon on the side of your widgets

This stupid wrench icon was driving me crazy! I finally figured out how to get rid of it...after DAYS of trying this-and-that! I thought you might appreciate a little time-saving information, so, here you go! I hope it helps.

  1. Go to Template and click Edit HTML, then click  Proceed.
  2. Back up your template
  3. Click on Expand Widget Templates
  4. Click Control-f  key (for find)  anywhere inside the template and a search box will open above the template.
  5. Type </b:template-skin> in the search box. This will highlight  
  6. </b:template-skin> within the code
  7. Type .quickedit{display:none;} just above the </b:template-skin> tag
  9. Click Preview and check your blog.  The wrench icon should be gone.
  10. If so, click Save.
  11. If it is not, just hit Clear Edits , then Close.

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