This is the place to go for all policies

Formats I Will Accept

I accept both PDF and print copies, though print is preferred. Please, do not send a PDF or print version of your book without first contacting me and receiving the ‘go-ahead’ with particulars for submission. If you decide to send me a print version of your book, please know that you will not receive the copy back AND you must pay ALL shipping fees. (I hate having to say that, but you would be amazed!)  I will make every effort to post my reviews within a month of receipt.   I will email notification when the review will post. ARC reviews will be posted as agreed.  Email me if you are interested in having me review your book.   

Genres I Love to Read.  (These I may accept even when swamped.)

  • Historical Romance
  • Chick lit
  • Mysteries
  • Romance
  • Thrillers

Genres I Don't Normally Read.  (I may accept these, if I have time .)

  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Science Fiction
  • YA

    Speaking of ‘Series’

    I’m a purist.  I can’t stand  to read books in a series out of sequence. If your book is part of a series and you want me to review it, you will need to send me not only the book, but all prior books in the series.  Sorry, but that is the only way I can feel comfortable and know that I will do the best job reviewing your book.  I always put a plug in about the series, so it helps you all around.

    When You Request a Review

    You will be expected to include the following information (at the time of submission, not in bits and pieces, please).  All images must be JPEG.

    • Book title
    • Author
    • Official synopsis (from Amazon or Goodreads)
    • Publisher
    • Published date (release date for ARCs)
    • Links to the book online (eg. Amazon,, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads)

    What You Can Expect In My Review (Assuming you provided it.)

    • Pretty much everything you submitted
    • Official synopsis (from Amazon or Goodreads)
    • My rating /comments

    Where I Post My Reviews

    • Scarlett Rains Sisters of the Hearts Blog  
    • GoodReads
    • Amazon
    • Other sites, at the author’s request, if time permits.                



    After receipt of a submitted work,  I reserve the right to decline providing a review if the materials are not submitted  according to the instructions provided above, are not professional in quality or if I cannot honestly rate the work as  a ‘3’ or greater.  In any of these events, I will email the author, or their representative, of my decision but, no print editions will be returned.
    All of the reviews on Scarlett Rains Sisters of the Hearts Club Blog are written solely by me, Scarlett Rains,  and are my honest opinion of the work. The books I review are bought by me, borrowed, or received as a gift from the publisher, author, or their representative in exchange for an honest review. No money was given in exchange for a review. I will always disclose if a book is provided by the publisher, author, or their representative. 
    Affiliate Links/Ads:  When I post reviews (and other posts) I may link to my favorite book websites.  Some may provide a commission for this. All commissions received from purchases using these links is used by this website for expenses related to hosting, domain registration, buying books or prizes for giveaways, etc. I strictly use affiliate links for items I’ve read (or used) and believe in. There are some Google Adsense ads, in the sidebar and etc. on  scarlettrainssistersoftheheartsblog.blogspot.com , generated by Google Adsense, that are not endorsed by me, Scarlett Rains, or by  scarlettrainssistersoftheheartsblog.blogspot.com . Any revenue generated from these ads is put used by this website for expenses related to hosting, domain registration, buying books or prizes for giveaways, etc.

    Rating Policy  

    My Philosophy  

    I am a believer in nurturing, not destroying, creativity.  If , mid reading, my honest opinion of an author’s work is such that a score of less than ‘3’ is indicated, I will contact the author, or their representative, prior to posting and allow them the option of withdrawing the book from my review list.  In other words, a score of ‘1’ or ‘2’ on my blog means the author, or their representative, is aware and in agreement with my posting of the review.

    My Rating Scale


    heartheartheartheartheart It’s great! Get it now! 
    heartheartheartheart It’s good!  Get it after work!
    heartheartheart It's not a page-turner, but good.
    heartheart Get it from the Library. 
    heart It had a few high-points.


    Promotional Policies


    I will happily accept donations of promotional materials and/or books (eBooks, print editions, ARCs and published copies) to giveaway on Scarlett Rains Sisters of the Hearts Blog. Please, send a picture of the giveaway items (and a description) to me, so that I am comfortable with what I'll be promoting and giving away.  Email me to discuss.

    Interviews and Featured Guest Posts

    I am somewhat particular and generally request interviews of those authors I wish to feature on my blog. But, it never hurts to ask.  If you’d like to be a guest on my blog and I'm not familiar with your work, I’ll ask you to send along a copy of your book before I give you the interview questions/guest post topic. Email me if you are interested in these options.


    Giveaway Policy
    • You must be a follower of http://scarlettrainssistersoftheheartsblog.blogspot.com to participate.
    • All giveaways are open to entrants who are 13 years old or older, unless it is stated that it is an 18 or older giveaway (in which case, you must be 18 to participate).
    • You can only enter each giveaway once.
    • Winners will be chosen randomly using Random.org .
    • The winner(s) of each giveaway will be announced on my blog, with only their name/username and website. Winners will be contacted via email or blog post depending on availability.
    • Winner(s) will be given up to 48 hours to reply to my email. If they fail to do so, another winner will be randomly selected (using Random.org).
    • There are no substitutions allowed.
    • You must provide  a viable address if you want the book shipped to your address.
    • I am not responsible for lost or damaged shipping.
    • I reserve the right to disqualify any entry as I see fit if I suspect scamming, multiple entries, ineligibility. or any other reason that deems an entry unfit without notification to the entrant.
    • I reserve the right to end a giveaway without any prior notice or reason given
    •  Giveaway items have been provided by a 3rd party as a donation to Scarlett Rains Sisters of the Hearts Blog.