Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Featured Guest is Patricia Paris

My featured guest this week is my new friend, Patricia Paris.  Today, Patricia is sharing Memories That Mold Us.  I read this story and fell in love with it.  Stop over, read this sweet story and leave a comment for Patricia.

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  1. This is a great short story and one I related to, my fave nun in parroquial school was Sister Mary Patrick.

    1. Ahh, those nuns! Got to love em. Thanks for stopping by, Catalina. Perhaps you'll write something fun for a Guest Feature on my blog? I'd love to have you.

  2. Hi Scarlett:

    Thanks for the email. I'm a BB, and, of course, a newbie on the site. I'm excited to learn my way around the site. I had an emergency and had to go out of state for the past week. Therefore, I haven't been online at all lately. My blog is and Thanks for the welcome.

  3. I read the short story and found it very funny, and I remember those nuns. I wonder if they were the same ones I had at my catholic school. Oh the horror!

    I had nightmares about nun dolls. Their eyes glowed and they came to life.

  4. I loved that story haha! Thank goodness I didn't go to a school with Nuns because I probably would have seen a few off, terror that I was.
    RB :)


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