Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes a writer manages to capture your feelings perfectly. Here is a beautiful example.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I wonder how the rest of my life looks...

      Rob and I are approaching a milestone in our life...30 years of marriage. We have been blessed with 3 children and 2 grandchildren. As I reflect back my husband and I have practically raised each other. I fell in love with him 35 years ago and was fortunate enough to marry him 5 years later. Reaching this milestone has made me reflect on how to enjoy our new season in what is left of our life. Reflecting on those dreams you put on hold until you reach the latter part of your life....
      Let me explain - LEFT of our LIFE: Life revolved around kids and their pursuits..then we have new in laws thus our beautiful grandchildren and born is a new season in life. However, where do the kids, grand kids fit in this new season. Since we raised our kids to be independant and self supportive individuals looking at the world as an oyster setting them out to find their pearl. Rob and I find ourselves alone and watching them live their lives while trying to figure out what we should be doing with ours and how we may fit in theirs.
     Left of Life may seem a bit on the depressive but actually is a positive quote as this means their is still time to have a new adventure.
     I would welcome suggestions from other parents who find themselves feeling as if they have one foot on shore and the other in the ocean. I have the feeling i want to set sail on a new adventure and the other on shore running to where ever my kids have found themselves living this year! One look from a grandchild and I am wanting to be near them forgetting all about my own plans. Then life happens and we are dismissed and sent home to wonder what should we be doing. Then, life happens and we are back from our journey and traveling along with the kids on their journey while our dreams stay at the dock...
I hope this made sense...reminds me of the "Ever get the feeling that you wanna stay then get the feeling that you wanna go" I think this was coined by Jimmy Durant.
      The love we have for our FAMILY is great, the desire to be near them overwhelming, being in the loop of what is going on their lives a need, the desire to run their life a tiny struggle but avoidable, wanting to give advice then deciding to keep quiet a choice.  As parents we all know what we want for our kids may not be what they want (dag gone free will) and what we get is all negotiable and not always fair but at the end of the day all is forgiven and plans are redesigned and sometimes forgotten. So, as a parent I wait untill I am needed again where did the rest of my life go?
      The best I have saved for last. As a christian my desire to be a good faithful servant is a constant desire and pursuit which in a nutshell means all of this is pointless since I or we should be pursing Gods desire for our life and Iam not sure my plans are God plans...that I will save for another blog.
Thank you dear friends and i look forward to your thoughts and words of wisdom on the subject of ...I wonder what the rest of my life looks like.
Tammy Collins


  1. Nice post, Scarlett. Thought I'd drop by your blog and say hi.

    1. Thank you, Donna. That was kind. Tammy did a nice job of putting into words what many of us feel, didn't she?

  2. Great post Scarlett and thank you for following my blog. Wow! What can I say? I have three grown children. My youngest moved out about 5 years ago. Best thing that happened to us both. We are too much alike, even though she won't admit it. We didn't like each other very much. Now we are best friends. My middle son lives all the way across the country. It has been three long years since I have seen him or my d-in-law. Going in May. Can't wait. My oldest, like many in our country, was out of work for a long time. He has been with my second husband and I since last May. It becomes a trial frequently. I am very near the golden age of sixty and had no plans for a child to be back home. We like to come and go as we please but it is almost like having a permanent guest in your home. Life will go on and the good Lord will give me the strength I need to persevere. I am now following your blog also.

  3. Thanks for posting, Romance Girl. I smiled when I read your post. I might have been reading a post of my own. Isn't it funny how out-of-control your life can become just at the time you think you've earned the right to have it all figured out? I have one daughter, love her dearly, but...and you know the rest. I'll go to my grave trying to figure out where I went wrong there. And my twenty year old son (who naturally thinks I have 1/2 a brain) did a little 'work-around' on me to get me to adopt a dog I didn't want. Just when my husband and I reached that point of wanting to come and go, unfettered, my son moved out for a week, got the dog, then moved back home. Can you believe it? Now, of course, I'm the Keeper of the Dog (love it madly) and can't go anywhere spontaneously. :) The good Lord is my rock, I ask daily for guidance...and a sense of humor. Hang in there!


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