Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello everyone, here is the link for a free copy of my ebook, While You Wait: Enjoy this free offer and email me at I love to hear from my readers.
No one enjoys waiting for anything: the stylist, masseuse, doctor, and certainly not the dentist! So, While You Wait , fidgeting in your seat, staring at the cracks in the wall or so-and-so's unkempt appearance (pondering why you are paying out-the-nose and spackling seems to be out of the question and what, in Heaven's name, possessed that woman to choose such a horrible hairstyle) you can put all of that out of your mind and escape to the 18th century! Don't stare at the clock (or the run in that poor woman's support hose)! Read excerpts of Scarlett Rains' wonderful historic romances and sample what it was like amongst the ton: when style was not only easy on the eyes but a measure of breeding, and a mullet, was just a stew.

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